The 57thPatriot            R  e  s  t  o  r  e   -   R  e  c  o  v  e  r   -   R  e  b  u  i  l  d  !

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On July 4th, 1776, John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence.  Most of the other 55 Founding Fathers did not sign until August 2nd.  Our question for each of our “recruits” is simple: If you had been there on that day in 1776,

“Would you have been the 57th Patriot?”

     The goal of the 57thPatriot is simple: to return our Country and our Republic to the Founding Documents. The best way we know to affect the return to the Founding Principles is through Patriotic associations.  People from different groups, locations, lifestyles all have this common goal:

“To Restore, Recover, and Rebuild"

the Republic of the United States of America.

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